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Senin, 11 Juli 2011

11/07/2011 WALLHACK vs 1 HIT ALL SG auto on

1.Buka WH all SG.exe
2.Buka PB ...lalu stars
3.jika notice cheat keluar tekan ENTER/OK, jangan gerakkan Mouse
4.Happy chain killer-killer

Password : e991

cara pakai:
- 1 HIT All SG : No hotkey Auto on
- Wallhack       : Panah Kiri Kanan Bawah untuk memilih 

- Wallhack
- 1 HIT SG Gosong
- 1 HIT M1887 (CASH)
- 1 HIT SPASS-15
- 1 HIT 870MCS W.
- 1 HIT 870MCS W D (CASH)

nb: yang bilang ngak work...
    berusaha jgn ngembek melulu....!!!!
    bagi yg bisa lanjuuuuuuuuuuuut....!!!!
- klo ada files yg kurang cari di goole..

recycling :
Thanks to :

Release Hack Maho Special 1 Hit + Lari Ninja|Cheat + Cheat darah Monday, July 11, 2011

Download Cheat :
Download Password :

Fiture :
*1 Hit SG kosong + Ninja
*1 Hit K2 + Ninja
*1 Hit K5 + Ninja
*Cheat Darah

Hotkey :

1 Hit = Auto On
Cheat Ninja|Setan = Klik Kiri + W , Klik Kiri + D , Klik Kiri + S , klik Kiri + A
Cheat Darah On = INSERT
Cheat Darah Off = Delete

Credit : ferry-Adanya (Maho Sejati)

thanks To :

-f2F-All Maho

Special thanks to :

-Andrie_Dk >>> Untuk SC nya

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

FarmVille Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Free FV Cash

farmville cash3 FarmVille Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Free FV Cash
Getting it Free
Look at all those goodies that are available in the FarmVille market. How nice would it be to buy all the horses, trees, buildings, limited edition goodies and everything else that is available for FarmVille Cash only? You would need to be a pretty rich farmer to get them all….. Wouldn’t you?
Maybe not…
Behind every great fortune there lies a great crime, or so they say.
Are you game enough to be a farmer with character? Do you have the balls to get something for nothing? Do you want to know how to get FarmVille cash for free?
With a little bit of “cheating”, you can have anything and everything FarmVille has to offer. There is such a thing as free FarmVille money, AKA, FV Cash. In fact, 65 FV for starters, 74 free FV by the time you hit level 10 and another 240 free FV if you’re willing to cheat a little more and use an autoplayer. Then there are the FV rewards for completing in game missions. That’s a lot of free FV.
There are 9 ways to get FV:
  1. buy it for real money
  2. earn 1 FV with every level increase
  3. occasionally win 1 FV opening a mystery egg or mystery gift
  4. install the FarmVille Game Bar
  5. stop playing the game until FarmVille sends you an incentive email
  6. be given it by Zynga for game glitches (when you complain)
  7. complete the first few England missions
  8. convince someone to buy you a FarmVille game card
  9. complete the surveys placed in the game by Zynga
  10. cheat by creating cash earning dummy accounts
And remember that you automatically start with 5 FV when you begin playing the game.
I’m going to show you how to do number 10: cheat with dummy accounts and send gifts from the market place from the dummies to your main account.
Updated: 5th July 2011

Cheating Your Way to FarmVille Wealth

Call them mule accounts, fake accounts, dummy accounts or cheaters, whatever you call your secondary accounts, make them look real enough to hide their dummy status from Zynga.
The idea of creating a dummy account is to raid its Farm Cash for sending market gifts that cost FV to other accounts. An account needs to be at level 10 before market gifts that cost Farm Cash can be sent from it to another account.
This guide can get a dummy account to level 10 with 74 FV in 10 minutes. An autoplayer is not needed unless you want to use the account long-term and squeeze every last drop of free FV that it will give.
Each level increase between level 1 and level 250 is rewarded with 1 FV. FV is only rewarded for level increases up to and including level 250. An autoplayer will be needed if you wish to reach level 250 in less than 1 day.
The maximum amount of free FV that can be earned by using the links provided in this guide and through using an autoplayer to take an account to level 250 is an awesome 314 FV. Then there are the FarmVille Cash rewards given by completing missions and those rewards that are hidden in white mystery eggs. You could send yourself a lot of free market items with over 300 free FV.
Please remember to share rewards and achievements to make your Facebook account look genuine if you intend to use the dummy account longterm.
Do NOT load your new account’s farm until you have read through these instructions at least once. The whole process to free FV requires you to start playing FarmVille through very specific links. Those links are shown in step 3.

Step One: Make A New Email Address

Security is not important unless you intend to use the dummy account longterm. You could use gmail, Yahoo or MSN if you desire a permanent email address. Two “no sign up” disposable email address providers are

Step Two: Make a New Facebook Account

Use your disposable email address to quickly create a new Facebook account. If you intend to add neighbors, add a profile picture and profile information to make it look real. Validate your new account by checking your email inbox for the Facebook Account Activation Email.
You can skip Facebook set up questions by pressing the skip button that is usually placed beneath them or by clicking the Facebook logo at the top of the screen.

Step Three: Play FarmVille

Important: Read through this step before clicking any links.
You will be greeted by 2 pop-ups the first time you click this next link. The pop-ups request permission for FarmVille to send you email and post to your wall. Click “Allow” both times. Do not let the game fully load. Close the page as soon as you see the game start to load.
Each of the next three links gives you 20 free FV cash. Each link must be refreshed in your browser multiple times to ensure the game registers properly the free farm cash that each link awards you.
Do not let the game fully load after clicking any of the following links. Click a link, it will open in a new tab, wait for the game to begin loading, refresh the tab (or close the tab then click the link again) before the game loads.
Do not click these links immediately after one and other. Open one, refresh the page several times, close the page then open the next link.
Do not let any of these links fully load the game. Reload the page as soon as you see the game menu. Do not let any other part of the game load.
The suggested number of page refreshes for each link is five times.
Click these links one at a time:
  • Link One (click it, count to 3, refresh the page. Never let the game load)
  • Link Two (click it, count to 3, refresh the page. Never let the game load)
  • Link Three (click it, count to 3, refresh the page. Never let the game load)
Now load the game and check your Free FV cash has arrived.
If you’ve followed the instructions properly, you will begin the game with 65 FV. That’s 5 FV for playing the game, 20 FV from the first link, 20 FV from the second link and 20 FV from the third link.
To set the base, you will be at
  • Level 1 with 200 Coins and 65 FV
You will have the following items in your gift box
  • 1 Love Potion and 4 Bottles
Zynga likes to change things every once in a while. Let me know if there are any deviations between what I have written here and what I you actually get. that goes for every step in this guide.

Step Four: Claim A Few Gifts

Close FarmVille then click the next three links. It is safe to let FarmVille load after each link has been clicked.
The first link will give you
  • 30 Coins
  • 1 Chicken
  • 1 Cow
  • 1 Cherry Tree
  • 4 Hay Bales
The second link will give you
  • 2 more Hay Bales
The third link will give you
  • 1 Saanans Goat
You will now have
  • The High Roller Yellow Ribbon (50 XP,500 Coins)
  • The Not Spoiled Gifted Yellow Ribbon (10 XP,  1,000 Coins)
You now be at
  • Level 3 with 1,730 Coins and 67 FV

Step Five: Get to Level 10 and Earn a Few Ribbons along the way

This step will rocket you to level 10 with a few thousand coins, 74 FV and some ribbons.
  1. Join RewardVille (click here or click the link at the top of your game screen)
  2. Claim the Porch Home
  3. Claim the Bistro Table
  4. Put the Porch Home at the top corner of the farm
  5. Lay the six Hay Bales from the gift box onto your farm
  6. Wait a few seconds for the rewards to show
  7. You will now have the Rat Pack Yellow Ribbon (25 XP), Baled Out Yellow Ribbon (25 XP, 500 Coins) and 1 Picnic Set
  8. You will now be at Level 4, 2,230 Coins with 68 FV
  9. Go to the Market
  10. Buy one Animal Trough
  11. Place it next to the Porch Home
  12. Buy one Rest Tent
  13. Place it next to the Animal Trough
  14. Buy one Trading Post
  15. Place it next to the Trading Post
  16. Wait a few seconds for the rewards to show
  17. You will now have the Architect Yellow Ribbon (100 XP, 500 Coins)
  18. You will now be at Level 5, 1,728 Coins with 69 FV
  19. Sell the Porch Home
  20. Buy and place 44 Hay Bales (100 Coins each, 5 XP reward each)
  21. Wait a few seconds for all rewards to show
  22. You will no have the Pretty Penny Yellow Ribbon (50 XP), Pack Rat White Ribbon (50 XP), Baled Out White Ribbon (100 XP, 2,500 Coins), 1 Rest Tent and 1 Stone Mailbox
  23. Harvest the Strawberries
  24. Harvest the Egg Plants
  25. Sell all of the Rest Tents, the Picnic Table, the Chicken, the Cow, the Cherry Tree,the Saanans Goat and the Mailbox
  26. Buy and place another 50 Hay Bales onto your farm
  27. Wait a few seconds for the rewards to show
  28. You will no have the Pack Rat Red Ribbon (100 XP), Baled Out Red Ribbon (250 XP, 5,000 Coins) and 1 Covered Wagon
  29. You will now be at Level 10 with 5,062 Coins and 74 FV
Congratulations on hitting level 10! You can now use your dummy account’s 74 FV Cash to gift market items to your main account.

Step 6: Connect with Your Main Account

Connect your new dummy account with your main account and any other account you wish to gift items to or collect items from.
Send neighbor requests from your new dummy account to all the accounts you connected it with. If you control those other accounts, accept those requests before reloading your new dummy account.
From this point onwards you have a choice:
  1. use the available FV then forget about the account, or
  2. continue to play the account and use it to make more FV and to assist your main account with co-operative jobs
If you choose not to play the account any longer then I suggest you make a note of its username and password because you can get another 20 FV for reactivating the account after 30 days of disuse by reactivating the account using the three FV Reward links listed in Step 3.
If you choose to utilize the account then read the next few tips and remember that the more neighbors your dummy account has, the more you can expand its farm, the easier it will earn some of the ribbons and the more neighbor rewards there will be for the dummy to collect and sell.
For example, adding neighbors will earn the dummy account the Local Celebrity ribbons:
  • 4 Neighbors for the Yellow Ribbon
  • 8 Neighbors for the White Ribbon
  • 25 Neighbors for the Red Ribbon
  • 50 Neighbors for the Blue Ribbon
Ribbons equal prizes and XP rewards so earning them is advantageous.

Tip One: Use an Autoplayer

The quickest way to level up, achieve masteries, visit neighbors, plow, plot and harvest your farm as well as the best way to collect neighbor reward links, the best way to generate potions and the all round best way to cheat in FarmVille.
An autoplayer can easily take a  dummy account to level 250 within 24 hours. It depends on the game glitches that can be taken advantage of and whether the autoplayer’s plugins have been updated to use those glitches.
I recommend FarmVillebot. It is free. It is regularly updated and it has a very active user and developer community.
I have written an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to installing it, updating it and using its most useful plugins. It can be read here.

Tip Two: Add Neighbors to Your Dummy Account

You only need to add more neighbors if you intend to keep playing the account and you want to make it hard for Zynga to accuse you of cheating in FarmVille.
Be careful when adding new neighbors while you are rocketing ahead with level increases. Some players take exception to other players cheating.
Find new FarmVille friends with FarmVille neighbor request groups like these three:
Use a neighbor adding script like Facebook Invites to speed things up. See tip two for the link.
Neighbors provide good XP and Coin earning opportunities:
  • plowing, fertilizing and unwhithering crops yield 1 XP and 10 Coins per plot
  • tending chicken coops yields 10 XP, 100 coins and the possibility of mystery eggs to crack
  • harvesting individual animals yields 10 Coins per animal
A good autoplayer will help you visit and work neighboring farms. FarmVilleBot stores these rewards; they are visible in the “MyRewards” plugin.

Tip Three: Use a Few Gaming Tools

5 Good Facebook gaming tools are described in this JournalXtra article. Collectively, they will assist you with collecting rewards, accepting gifts and adding neighbors.

Tip Four: Stop Playing the Game

This is quite cool. FarmVille will give you up to 20 FV Cash if you don’t play the game for a couple of weeks. Stop playing for 15 days and Zynga will gift you 10 FV. Stop playing for 30 days and Zynga will send you 20 FV. The reactivation link is the same as this one here so click it once your account has been dormant for 15 or 30 days. Click it before loading the game any other way.
Old and Patched Tips
All tips listed in this section have appeared in this article at least once but been patched by Zynga i.e they do not currently work. I have listed them here on the off-chance they become usable again at some future point.
Never Ending FarmVille Cash
This lasted from the 19/20th of July 2011 to the 22nd of July 2011 – FarmVille’s birthday week. It was an awesome birthday gift from Zynga. I’d love to see it return next year.
This is clever and comes directly from the Migrations group on Facebook.
This little trick lets you re-use your FarmVille Cash over and over again. Never run out of it (until the glitch is fixed, that is). Send unlimited gifts from your dummy account to your main account by following these steps. It’s important you follow them exactly:
  1. Load your dummy account’s farm
  2. Use the “Recycle Tool” to remove all the plots
  3. Sell everything but one item. Keep only one item on your farm such as a fence or hay bale
  4. You should now have a green field with only your avatar and one item on it
  5. Go to the market. Decide what you want to send to your main account then close the market. Do not buy anything yet
  6. Sell the only item that’s on your farm
  7. Quickly open the market and send the item you want to buy to your main account
  8. The game will tell you it’s “Out of Synch”. Refresh the game and repeat steps 5 to 8.
Keep only one item on your farm and sell it before you send anything from the market to another account. It causes a game error to occur which forces Farmville to refresh itself. But, of course, you’ve already sent gifts from your account before the game realizes what’s happened.
You will know it’s working because at no point will your dummy account’s FV decrease.


Although I know how to gain FV Cash for free, it doesn’t necessarily follow that I use any of the methods described above. I’m a blogger and the purpose of blogging is to provide information, provide a service and to make an income through advertisements and sponsorships; therein lies the reason for this blog post.
If you do use the above described methods then please do not complain to Zynga or FarmVille when things go wrong or if your account is suspended. If an autoplayer cocks things up then speak with the autoplayer’s developers or post in the autoplayer’s user forum. Its developers and users are the only people who will be able to fix the autoplayer, not Zynga. Zynga would fix you for using it.

I’d like to express my gratitude to the many different people who have helped me play FarmVille over the past 6 to 12 months. Much thanks goes to Sherri, Eli, Nicole, Margherita and, separately, to the helpful people at farmvillebot.net.

Bot for CityVille + Neighbors + Energy + Unlimited Coins

CityVille bot is a program which possible you more effective play CityVille. 
Bot is easy to use and absolutely free.     > http://www.cityvillebot.org/ < 
Bot features:
1)Seed and harvest crops                 http://www.cityvillebot.org/downloads/CVBot1.1.zip
2)Collect rent
3)Collect and supply business buildings
4)Exploite = Unlimited coins , Energy finder
5)Bot functional based on plugins, and if you want you can create your own plugin.
Neighbors + Energy + UnlimitedCoins < plugins for the bot
1 Neighbor plugin -   will do work at Neighbor cities, you can select what it will do.
2 Energy finder   -    will boost your energy level.
3 UnlimitedCoins -   Updated UnlimitedCoins .
if you have questions go to http://www.allbots.org/forum/
 ### ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ###
                                                         add me if you want 
                                                      if you like it like the post 

Zynga Cheats // Texas HoldEm Poker Glitch

Credits: ReTsEhC0401

Simple steps:

  1. Log in your FB account.
  2. Click this REWARD LINK : http://apps.facebook.com/texas_holdem/invite_gift_claim.php?gift_send=256:1:100000467657585&invGift=256&specialGift=miss&src_track_str=Poker+%25CLIENT_SN%25+Lobby+Invite+%25ACTION%25+i:SpecialMiss:LockSendSingle:2010-04-02&zysendkey=117d634 
  3. After clicking it.... (You should see 2,500... 7,000... or WHATEVER amount). 
  4. Just refresh the link again.
  5. Keep refreshing until you see this picture .

  6. When you see that picture.... Well, just wait until the next day to GET CHIPS AGAIN by clicking that REWARD LINK!!

Texas Holdem Poker Chips Generator version 6.2

Check out our latest and Undetected Cheat tool Texas Holdem Poker Chips Generator
Chips generator
Casino gold generator,


Download Cheat PB (Point Blank)

Cheat PB (Point Blank) is a means to facilitate rigging the game with Point Blank. But now Cheat PB (Point Blank) has little by sedkit began in Gemscool eradicate by hand. There have been many players who use Cheat PB (Point Blank) in a permanent ban on even delete their ID. But until now, Cheat PB (Point Blank) still exists. Even in slaah one game forum in Indonesia, providing links Download Cheat PB (Point Blank) 2011

Cheat Point Blank 2011

NHL Network presents: Game 4 2011 ECQF: Sabres vs. Flyers
The Sabres invigorated their home crowd early as Rob Niedermayer found Jason Pominville for a point blank tally midway through the first period. From that point on, Game 4 was defined by the strong play in net by both goaltenders. ...
NFL lockout by now hurting a number of fantasy providers
Although everybody involved hope that most of that cash is still there if the NFL solves its job dispute, several - as well as magazines that help fantasy game enthusiasts choose its teams ( space ) are already announcing 2011 the lost year. ...
US gains WCup quarters with 3-0 rout of Colombia
It's her first World Cup goal, and 10th overall. Sepulveda managed to get a hand on Lloyd's shot from point-blank range, but couldn't stop it. It was Lloyd's first World Cup goal in seven games. Colombia thought it had a goal just before halftime, ...
Drop-kick debacle
?I asked him (point blank), 'Do you watch film of every game, every week?' Carter said. ?And he told me, 'Yes I watch film.' ?So then I asked, 'Then how did you miss this? We've done it two of our last three games and (The Albany Herald) even did a big ..

Cheat Point Blank CFN Full Hack

Features :
1. Headger
2. Beret GM
3. Char Robot

Hotkey :
2. END = OFF

Cara Pemakaian nya... :
Cukup KLIK Tanda ( >>> ) yg warna Merah Tepat nya di Pojok Kanan Atas...
Dan ikutin Toturial Selanjut nya yg ada di dalam Injector... :D
[-] BT/DC Tergantung cara anda dan harus menggunakan timing !!

Spoiler for : Click For Download...

Credits By : Cellolexis @CFN

Thanks to :
All Member Cellolexis @CFN....

Special Thanks to :
1. ComandeR
2. Awp Slankers
3. All Member Cellolexis

Download Cheat Point Blank 2011 (Full Version)

 Download Cheat Point Blank 2011 (Full Version)Cheat Point Blank

The rise of  Cheat pb Point Blank circulating in 2011, making the website provides various links Cheat Point Blank to give satisfaction visitor, also do not want to lose. This post will help the Troopers to see a row of 10 best-selling cheat PB and complete with tutorials use cheatnya for the keyword “Cheat Point Blank 2011.” I take this data from the first page of google which recommends 10 web / blog that provides cheat pb 2011.
Actually I’m not a gamer, but also interested to present a few articles about gaming,
Lots of gamers who love this game because this game is very interesting. Game point blank is intended for all people and how bermainyapun very easy. But sometimes to buy a weapon we have to have more points or have to buy cash. And the cash did not last long because it must match the day. I therefore want to share with the PB mania.
cheat let us first list what will be discussed, and what is the cheat is active again in demand and in 2011? What is going to cheat selaris cash point blank?

Cheat Point Blank

- Cheat PB 2011 White_V.2.1
- Cheat PB 2011 Whatever
- Cheat PB 2011 Exp * New *
- Cheat PB 2011 [NEW] X-LonZ_Repack
- Cheat PB 2011 Three Hacker Masmed, Minimizez, Speedhack, gmhack, full | Princessar Pack 1.0 NEW | FSG Injector 3.0
- Cheat PB New Heroin
- Cheat 2011 Omega Point Blank Pro | Xteam Version 4.1
- Point Blank 2011 Cheat Master Medal
- Cheat PB 2011 Black Mamen X.7
- Cheat PB 2011 BC Dark Edition
That’s 10 Cheat the proven active in 2011, creatornya there are so many I could not mention all hehe … After this there will be a tutorial on how to use, how to download, how to install software programs and features as well as hotkey explanation contained in the software program 10 cheat them.
good luck using this Cheat Point Blank.
Download now

Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Cara update Point Blank(PB) manual UPDATE juli 2011

Biasanya penyedia jasa Game Online harus mengupdate patch terbaru  point blank tiap hari untuk semua client nya… klo langsung update online biasanya waktu yang digunakan untuk update cukup lama blom lagi klo updatenya ngadat alias ga jalan… cara yang paling bijaksana adalah mengupdatenya dengan cara manual.. yaitu download patch terbarunya kemudian kopikan ke semua client …
untuk yang baru mengisntal PB pada komputernya disarankan mendownload yang FULL PATCH.
Langkah-langkahnya sbb:
1. Download patch terbaru atau fatch keseluruhan point blank di sini
a. Partial patch ( patch terbaru hari ini)
download partial fetch

b. Full patch (seluruh petch dari awal sampai yang akhir)
2. Extract filenya kemudian kopikan ke direktori tempat ngeinstall point blank
3. PB siap dijalankan tanpa harus update online..
3. Selesai ……… mudahkan… SELAMAT MENIKMATI PERMAINAN PB….
jika masih belum jelas silahkan kasih isi komentar!

Jika anda ingin lebih tau tentang masalah download Point Blank silahkan kujungi link berikut ini :


Cheat Super Dewa Hack RM Updates July 2011 Work ALL Windows


Fiture :

-Cheat Dewa
-Damage SG Kosong|Not 1 Hit Just Damage 5%
 [Seperti Hollow]

Hotkey :  

On Cheat  maho = Numpad 1
Off Cheat Maho = Numpad 2


*Buka Cheat
*Buka PB
*Nunggu HAckshield Hilang
*Klik Inject Maho

Cara pakai Cheat Dewa :

*Masuk ROOM
*WAJIB Jadi RM[Room Master]
*Saat Dalam permainan...
*Ambil Bom
*Tekan NUMPAD 1
*Darah Berubah menjadi -2147483648
*langsung Offkan tekan Numpad 2
 [Agar tidak menyebar ke pemain lain]

PUBLIC Hack Maho Special 1 Hit SG Hitam Updates juli 2011

Download Cheat : 
Download Password nya :
Fiture :
1 Hit SG Kosong
Hotkey : 
Auto ON

Credit :
Maho ferry Adanya

Special thanks To :

-All member f2F
-Abu Jafar
-Dll yang maho

Unlimited Darah | Cheat Dewa RM Updates

Download Cheat: 
Download Injection :
Password Cheat : indracheacopz

Fiture :

-Cheat Darah

Hotkey :

+ On  = Home
+ Off = End

Tutor |Bagi  pemula yang mau pakai Cheat: 
-Buka injector
-Buka PB launcher|Yang warna biru
-Nunggu Hackshield Di sebelah kanan Bawah ilang
-Tekan Select DLL For inject
-Pilih DLL cheatnya
-Masukan Passwordnya

Cara pemakaian :

-Masuk Room | Room Apa saja bisa
-Ambil Bom|senjata Ganti BOM
-Tekan Home | Bunuh diri dah
-Darah akan menjadi -2147483648
-Lalu Langsung tekan End | agar tidak menyebar kelainnya

NB : 
-Work All Windows
-Not For Sale
-1 hit pun gak bisa bunuh kita...!!! Gila-gilaan

Fix Link Edit 1 Hit SG Kosong + SG Puter

 Download :

Fiture :
1 Hit SG Kosong
1 Hit SG Puter [BETA]

Hotkey : Auto ON

Cara pakai :

-Buka PB Launcher
-Buka Cheatnya | sampai keluar injectornya
-STart Pb nya
-Auto Inject | Klik notice
-Jngan gerakan Mouse sampai loading login

NB :

-Jangan terlalu Show Off [Berlebihan]
-Work All WIndows

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Serial Number free | Version 10 Serial

Get Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Serial Number free. no need any crack key, just copy and paste this serial number from here and download trial software of Nero Multimedia Suite 10 and enjoy a full version.

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 works fine in this new version.This serial number is working now (January 15 2010). so download now and install it. in next Nero Multimedia Suite 10 version this serial number may not work. if this serial number is not work, please create a comment.

At first you need to download the trial version of Nero Multimedia Suite 10. then you copy serial number here and paste on your software.

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Serial

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Trial Link:
Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Trial

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Serial Number free:

Note: Pirated Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Serial is illegal. so try to purchase a serial key if you have an enough money.
Thank you for visit http://internet-security-serial.blogspot.com .and copy this serial. if any problem with this serial, if it not works, please create a comment. i run this serial on my pc and its works 100% now. so hurry up! install Nero Multimedia Suite 10 and enjoy cd, dvd, video, image and file burning with Nero Multimedia Suite 10.

Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Cheat Special Jounin Stage 2 Chapter 2 | Ninja Saga

Peralatan :
Caranya :
  1. Download dulu fiddler
  2. Kemudian Install Fiddler
  3. Baru jalankan Fiddler
  4. Klik Tab AutoResponder (yg icon-nya petir hijau)
  5. Centang kotak "Enable automatic responses" dan juga "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
  6. Jatuhkan .SWF File yang kamu download tadi ke kolom AutoResponder
  7. Setelah itu bersihkan chace
  8. Masuk ke Ninja Saga
  9. Baru pilih karakter yang akan kamu mainkan
Cara Menghapus chace :
  • Untuk Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
  • Untuk Google Chrome : Pilih icon yang berada di pojok kanan atas (sebelah bintang) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data
Caranya Pemakaiannya :
Kalian tinggal masuk ke Misi Stage 2 Chapter 2, tinggal klik Start. Nanti otomatis akan selesai dengan sendirinya.

Cheat Special Jounin Stage 2 Chapter 1 | Ninja Saga

Peralatan :
Caranya :
  1. Download dulu fiddler
  2. Kemudian Install Fiddler
  3. Baru jalankan Fiddler
  4. Klik Tab AutoResponder (yg icon-nya petir hijau)
  5. Centang kotak "Enable automatic responses" dan juga "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
  6. Jatuhkan .SWF File yang kamu download tadi ke kolom AutoResponder
  7. Setelah itu bersihkan chace
  8. Masuk ke Ninja Saga
  9. Baru pilih karakter yang akan kamu mainkan
Cara Menghapus chace :
  • Untuk Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
  • Untuk Google Chrome : Pilih icon yang berada di pojok kanan atas (sebelah bintang) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data
Caranya :
Kalian tinggal masuk ke Misi Stage 2 Chapter 1, tinggal klik Start. Nanti otomatis akan selesai dengan sendirinya.

Cheat Special Jounin Stage 1 Chapter 2 | Ninja Saga

Peralatan :
Caranya :
  1. Download dulu fiddler
  2. Kemudian Install Fiddler
  3. Baru jalankan Fiddler
  4. Klik Tab AutoResponder (yg icon-nya petir hijau)
  5. Centang kotak "Enable automatic responses" dan juga "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
  6. Jatuhkan .SWF File yang kamu download tadi ke kolom AutoResponder
  7. Masuk ke Ninja Saga
  8. Setelah itu bersihkan chace
  9. Baru pilih karakter yang akan kamu mainkan
Cara Menghapus chace :
  • Untuk Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
  • Untuk Google Chrome : Pilih icon yang berada di pojok kanan atas (sebelah bintang) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data
Caranya :
Kalian tinggal masuk ke Misi Stage 1 Chapter 2, tinggal klik Start. Nanti otomatis akan selesai dengan sendirinya.


Instant Mission Special Jounin Stage 1 Chapter 1 | Ninja Saga

Jika di antara para sahabat cielovers kesulitan menggunakan Cheat Engine untuk menyelesaikan Ujian Special Jounin Stage 1, maka tidak usah khawatir. Kalian bisa menggunakan Instant Mission menggunakan Fiddler, simak baik-baik cara di bawah ini.

Peralatan :
Caranya :
  1. Download dulu fiddler
  2. Kemudian Install Fiddler
  3. Baru jalankan Fiddler
  4. Klik Tab AutoResponder (yg icon-nya petir hijau)
  5. Centang kotak "Enable automatic responses" dan juga "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
  6. Jatuhkan .SWF File yang kamu download tadi ke kolom AutoResponder
  7. Masuk ke Ninja Saga
  8. Setelah itu bersihkan chace
  9. Baru pilih karakter yang akan kamu mainkan
Cara Menghapus chace :
  • Untuk Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
  • Untuk Google Chrome : Pilih icon yang berada di pojok kanan atas (sebelah bintang) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data
Caranya :
Kalian tinggal mainin Misi Stage 1, tinggal klik Start. Nanti otomatis akan selesai dengan sendirinya.


All Hack Juli 2011 | Ninja Saga

Peralatan :
Caranya :
  1. Download dulu fiddler
  2. Kemudian Install Fiddler
  3. Baru jalankan Fiddler
  4. Klik Tab AutoResponder (yg icon-nya petir hijau)
  5. Centang kotak "Enable automatic responses" dan juga "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
  6. Jatuhkan .SWF File yang kamu download tadi ke kolom AutoResponder
  7. Masuk ke Ninja Saga
  8. Setelah itu bersihkan chace
  9. Baru pilih karakter yang akan kamu mainkan
Cara Menghapus chace :
  • Untuk Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
  • Untuk Google Chrome : Pilih icon yang berada di pojok kanan atas (sebelah bintang) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data
Fitur :
  1. Instant TP/hari
  2. Instant Mission
  3. Instant Chunin & Jounin
  4. 1 Hit All Boss

Point Blank Online Cheat | Cheat PB

point blank cheat
Cheat HeadShot
Point Blank CheatCheat PB” Online is simillar to Counter Strike Online. All cheat ability is the same like :
  • Auto aim
  • No clipping
  • See Behind the wall
  • All weapon
  • All amunition
The different is Point blank have a quest that you must play it for upgrade your point.
Point Blank Cheat should be newest once depend on your Point Blank server to join.  If it regulary pacth the game so you must know that your cheat pb is still work.
Or you can try with this step :
Download Hide Toolz
Download MoonLight Engine
This Tips for Unlimited Ammo
1. Run Moonlight Engine Then run Hide Toolz
2. Hide Moonlight Engine With Hide Toolz
3. Run PointBlank.exe then atach proces to Moonlight Engine
3. Scan 4 byte Ammo that you have (ie, 40)
4. Shoot 1 or 2 bullets to check that number change, then do next scan
5. Check address that you got. 3 addres minimal. double click for that addres than freeze
Damage Hack Point Blank
Point Blank Trainer Hack
Download Hackshield Point Blank
HP Unlimited Point Blank
Cheat Ammo Point Blank
Headshot POint Blank Cheat
Cash Point Blank Cheat

Empires and Allies Coin Hack

Empires and Allies Coin Hack!

Great news guys! I got my hands on a brand new Empires and Allies coin hacks that will provide you millions of coins in just a few hours if you follow the instructions carefully. The video below is easy to follow and is 100% working on the moment this post was created. I have personally tried it and got tons of coins on my first try. This is a great Empires and Allies cheats that can help you dominate the game. Enjoy!

Only fans of our Empires and Allies page can view all cheats and hacks. If you wish to gain access to them, simply visit our fb page and like it. The link for the cheats will then appear at the left side of the page. Only fans of the page can view it. Enjoy! Visit our fb page HERE.

Empires and Allies Bot

So yeah, this site not only caters for Empires and Allies Cheats and Hacks, we're introducing bots too! Yey for us! New games usually takes time before programs are created to hack it but on the case of Empires and Allies, as early as now, we already found two bots available online. Unfortunately, both bots are being sold for $10 USD each. So in order to give you guys a review of these programs, we coughed up $20 and used the bots to give you guys a review of them.

But worry not, in the very near future, we are sure that and Empires and Allies Bot that is free to use will eventually come out and we will surely inform you on this site when it does. So don't forget to like us on facebook to receive updates regularly. Enough talk now. Here's the Empires and Allies Bot reviews:

1. The Botoholic Empires and Allies Bot

This is the second bot that I bought actually. I decided to share this with you first because in my opinion this is a better bot than the next one that I will show you and that the creators of this bot are more prefessional in terms of site, information about the product, etc.

The Information below are taken from their site:

Empires & Allies Cheat - 100% Working Empire Master from BOTOHOLIC

What does this bot do?
Automatically Picks up rewards
Automatically visits all your friends
Tons of rewards with each visit
Shares rewards with friends
100% Undetectable
Free Updates for Life

NOTE: I'm just reviewing this bot for the viewers of this site. I don't know the owners of this bot and they are not paying me anything to do a review of their product.

2. Hotnoob Empires and Allies Bot

I am giving an honest review here based on my experience. When I bought the bot from this site, I was excited since it was the first bot that I found. I bought it immediately and was also disappointed immediately. The site does not provide any explanation for first time users on what the bot does and how to really use it. The owner provided a video on how to use the bot but the video seemed to have been created for someone who understands how the bots works in general. When you ask the creator for a proper instructions, he will give a comment hinting that you seem a bit stupid for not understanding how a bot works. But like I said, this is based on my experience. You might get a different one. Check this bot HERE.

Empires and Allies Free Bot

Empires and Allies Free Bot

Finally, yes finally! A free Empires and Allies Bot is now available for free! That's right, the good ol' creators of other Zynga game bots has finally started on this project and they have released the very first version of it. You might think that this might be one of the bots that I mentioned earlier on this site but worry not, those bots weren't free but this one is.

Since this Empires and Allies Bot is still on it's first stage when I write this post, the bot can't do much at the moment. It can help you in cleaning your empire clean of trees and other extra stuff that you wish to remove from the ground, collect rent from houses and such. Just check out the bot to see what I mean. Enjoy!


  • Like our FB Page. Not really mandatory but I would really appreciate it if you could. I will be posting cheats, bots, hacks and other empires and allies updates on that page so you will be the first to know when there's an update.
  • Go to our Facebook Page and check the sidebar of the page for the latest cheats that are only viewable by fans. If you can't see it, just like the page to view all the Empires and Allies cheats.

Empires & Allies Gift Links

Empires & Allies Gift Links

So while searching for the best Empires and Allies Cheats on the web, which there's just too little if none at all, I came across this "sort-of" cheat for the game. It's pretty common on other zynga games I guess but since this game is newly released, this will surely help you guys. Check out the links below. I can't guarantee however till how long this links will work.
  1. Energy 01
  2. Copper
  3. Uranium
  4. Gold
  5. Aluminum
  6. Iron
  7. Liberty Bond
  8. Wood
  9. Upgrade Blueprint
  10. Approval Stamp
  11. Army Red Tape


A spokeswoman for Zynga said the game will go live at 11am PT.
If you never understood the appeal of Facebook games like "FarmVille" or "Mafia Wars," social game maker Zynga is launching a new combat game aimed squarely at you.
"Empires & Allies" is Zynga's first strategy combat game that the company describes as a "CityVille Meets Risk." The combat element departs from Zynga's bread and butter games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, which are mostly played by women aged 25 to 44, a Zynga executive said recently.

In Empires & Allies, evil enemy forces have invaded a thriving, multi-island world. Your mission is to build army units, recruit or invade friends (prepare for a bombardment of Facebook status updates), and derive clues from allies and villains. Fund your armies by collecting rent on huts and cottages, and choose your battleground: air, land, or sea.

Empires & Allies debuts on Wednesday in 12 languages: Malay, Korean, and Norwegian (for the first time), English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish and traditional Chinese.
Zynga's timing seems rather poignant to us. The San Francisco-based company is rumored to be filing for an IPO this week at the latest, according to a report from All Things D.
It's certainly had a busy year in its effort to become the "Google of online entertainment" as CEO Mark Pincus told the New York Times last year.

According to Gamasutra, Zynga has more than doubled its workforce to 1,500 through at least 12 game studios or talent acquisitions around the world: Beijing's XPD, Austin's Challenge Games, San Francisco's FooBrew, Tokyo's Unoh Games, Boston's Conduit Labs and Floodgate Entertainment, Frankfurt's Dextrose AG, Dallas' Bonfire Studios, McKinney's (Texas) Newtoy Inc., Redwood City's Flock, New York City's Area/Code, and team members from Dallas' MarketZero. The company boasts 250 million active users a month.

Senin, 04 Juli 2011



"Rising Force Online" Itulah nama game teranyar dan terpopuler di Indonesia ini. Disini kamu dapat bermain sebuah game yang sangat seru dan terbukti menjadi game Online terlaris di Indonesia. Rising Force Online atau RF ini merupakan jenis game MMORPG, game yang tahun-tahun belakangan ini sedang marak-maraknya di Indonesia. Cara bermainnya pun cukup mudah dan simpel. Anda dapat berchat ria dengan kawan-kawan patriot RF di seluruh Indonesia. RF merupakan game yang benar-benar sempurna untuk para gamer yang senang dengan jenis game yang sangat menantang kemampuan dan kesabaran anda dalam bermain game. Di dalam RF Online anda dapat memilih tiga bangsa yaitu : Cora, Accretia, dan Bellato. Cora merupakan bangsa sejenis manusia yang diciptakan DECEM, Dewa mereka. Bangsa cora dikenal dengan kekuatan sihirnya yang menakjubkan. Bangsa cora adalah satu-satunya bangsa yang bisa mengeluarkan "Animus". Animus sebenarnya adalah penjaga Dewa DECEM yang dipinjamkan oleh Dewa DECEM untuk membantu bangsa cora dalam pertarungan. Animus hanya bisa di summon oleh karakter dengan profesi Summoner. Animus di dalam RF Online ada 4 macam yaitu: 1.Paimon ===&gt;&gt; Yaitu animus yang menyerang dengan kekuatan pedang dari jarak dekat. Paimon memiliki Health Points yang sangat besar sehingga sering dijadikan tameng bagi sang summoner yang dikenal berdarah sedikit. 2.Hecate ===&gt;&gt; Yaitu animus yang menggunakan kekuatan ledakan untuk menyerang musuh. Hecate merupakan animus yang sangat disukai oleh para Patriot RF karena serangannya seringkali membuat musuh "stun" dan menjadi sulit untuk didekati. 3.Inana ===&gt;&gt; Yaitu animus supportif yang bisa mengheal sang summoner. Inana biasanya digunakan pada saat menghadapi musuh yang biasanya intensitas serangannya tinggi. Inana digunakan karena healratenya lebih cepat dari potion, sehingga dia sangat diandalkan dalam mengisi kembali darah sang summoner. 4.Isis ===&gt;&gt; Yaitu animus yang menggunakan serangan force atau magic yang sangat dahsyat untuk menyerang sang target. Isis merupakan animus tipe menyerang yang paling kuat diantara hecate dan paimon. Accretia merupakan bangsa robot. Accretia bertubuh mekanik namun berotak organik jadi dia bukan robot yang bergerak dengan program. Bangsa Accretia merupakan bangsa yang terkenal dengan kekuatan sejata api Launcher yang sangat dahsyat. Jadi jika anda suka dengan karakter yang menyerang dari jarak jauh dan mempunyai damage yang besar, maka pilihlah Accretia. Bellato merupakan bangsa petualang sejenis manusia yang memiliki ilmu pengetahuan yang cukup tinggi. Bellato memiliki kendaraan Massive Armor Unit (MAU). MAU adalah suatu senjata perang raksasa yang hanya bisa dikendarai oleh karakter yang berprofesi sebagai Driver. MAU terbagi menjadi dua yaitu MAU Goliath (jarak dekat) dan MAU Catapult (jarak jauh). MAU memiliki darah yang paling besar diantara semua karakter yang ada di RF Online. Setiap harinya RF Online mengadakan Chip War di setiap server, yaitu perang antara tiga bangsa. Hasil dari Chip War akan mempengaruhi nilai perekonomian bangsa tersebut. Jadi jika anda mengaku gamer sejati, bergabunglah bersama patriot RF lainnya di www.RF-Online.web.id.

Lebih lanjut tentang: www.RF-Online.web.id 

Cheat RF Online Indonesia [Blink/SpeedHack]

Speed Hack atau yang sering disebut Blink dalam game RF Online dah sering kita lihat, baik dilakukan oleh bangsa lain maupun oleh bangsa sendiri. Karakter dalam RF Online yang melakukan Speed hack ini kelihatannya akan bisa berlari dengan kencang, tetapi sebenarnya itu hanya merupakan proses perpindahan karakter dihitung dari jumlah koordinat saat mulai sampai tujuan berdasarkan nilai kelipatan yang ditentukan.
Nih merupakan seri Cheat RF Online lanjutan yang lalu. Ok, g perlu basa-basi... Gw langsung aja jelasin secara bertahap...
Persiapan :
  • Senjata injurer
  • Lepas baju jarak jauh, jika punya. Bila perlu lepas semua armor lo..
  • Ketabahan, coz, kadang berhasil, kadang g berhasil!
  • Sedikit doa dicampur ama kerelaan hati bila di BAN.
  • Pastinya program CE (Cheat Engine), download dan install.

1. Jalankan program game RF Online. Kalau g dijalankan, g bakal bisa...DIJAMIN!
2. Setelah 'Anda telah memasuki map chat', Buka program CE (Cheat Engine) .
3. Scan dengan nilai NOL dengan value type 4 Bytes dan Scan type 'Exact Value'.
Di bagian kiri akan muncul address list.
4. Kembali ke game RF Online. Pasang senjata injurer, gerakkan karakter, kanan-kiri.
5. Masuk lagi ke CE. Masukkan Value 63, kemudian klik 'Next Scan'
6. Kembali ke game RF Online. Lepas senjata injurer, gerakkan karakter kanan-kiri lagi... Whew
7. Masuk lagi ke CE. Masukkan Value 0, kemudian klik 'Next Scan'
Di address list bagian kiri akan tampil daftar alamat memory, nah di sini rada susah.
Cari di daftar alamat memory, alamat yang 2 nilai di depannya berbeda dengan yang lain! dan memiliki value 0. Dalam contoh ini : "0486CE8B" dengan value "0".
8. Tambahkan address tersebut ke daftar memory dengan cara Double Click nilai address tersebut maka di daftar memory bagian bawah akan terisi.
9. Double Click Value 0 dan ganti dengan nilai yang diinginkan, normal 63-64. Bisa juga 65.
10. Frozen nilai yang baru di ubah tadi dengan cara memberi tanda centang pada kolom Frozen.
Sip... sekarang lo dah bisa melakukan Speed Hack/Blink. Jika ingin mengembalikan ke kecepatan normal biar g terlalu dicurigai, nilainya diturunkan ke 63.
Sumber: Dari berbagai sumber.
Cara lain:
  • Lepas armor.
  • Pakai senjata injurer.
  • Gerakkan karakter ke kiri-kanan.
  • First Scan 63.
  • Lepas injurer, gerakkan karakter ke kiri-kanan.
  • Next Scan 0.
  • Lanjut ke bagian 7 di atas.... ^^
Menyusul : RFOnline Ore+4 Mining, RFOnline 10x Attack Hack, RFOnline ACC Real Damage (All race/modified), RFOnline Ninja Move, RFOnline WPE Modified (Kill FG), RFOnline Anti Stun.   

Audition Online dikenal juga sebagai Dancin' Paradise di Jepang, adalah permainan multiplayer online casualrhythm game yang bisa di download diproduksi oleh T3 Entertainment. Pada awalanya diluncurkan di Korea Selatan pada tahun 2005, tetapi sekrang telah tersebar diseluruh dunia dengan pengedar yang berbeda pula. Audition Online ini gratis untuk bermain tetapi kita harus membeli item virualnya seperti baju pemain (Avatar).
Di Korea Selatan versi PSP (dinamai Audition Portable) dan versi ponsel diedarkan pada 1 Juni 2007 dan 4 Juni 2007.
Pada 12 Juni 2008, Audition Korea sekarang telah mencapai Season 2. Audition Season 2 menghadirkan interface yang baru, sitem suara, dan ekspresi yang lebih baik.

langsung aja download cheatnya dibawah ini
=&gt;&gt;&gt;SEDOT DISINI GAN&lt;&lt;
no password

Cara Penggunaan:

1. Buka PB Launcher (Yang berwarna biru)
2. Extrak Geps 1.3
3. Buka Injector Geps 1.3
4. START PB (Akan tersuspend Otomatis oleh Geps)
5. Klik Select DLL For Inject - Pilih file "Nyit3.dll"
6. Lalu tekan Inject Now
7. Nanti akan keluar tulisan
8. Klik ok atau tekan Enter
9. Resume

Hotkeynya :
1. F12 = Misi GM With [KFC].forum.st
2. F11 = Hack Title
3. NUMPAD 1 - 0 = Hack Master Medal (caranya seperti yg lama)

4. F1 = Estern Road Room
5. F2 = CrackDown Room
6. F3 = RPG mode
7. F4 = ALL Weapon Mode (bisa maen semua senjata di SG n AWP Room)
8. F7 = Sniper Mode9. F9 = SG mode

10. INSERT = Training Camp Basketball Basketball Basketball
jgn lupa ++ buat ane


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